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Take all 3 chokes with you may change them depending on the range that the targets are....

Typical kill ranges for chokes:

Cyclinder ( very open ) ....15 - 25 yds...
Modified ( medium range of chokes ) ... 25 - 40 yds
Full ( tightest ) 40+ yds...

Make sure your shells - have pellets no bigger than 7 1/2's in them ( no 4's, 6's etc ) allowed on any clay ranges. Most of us in a 12ga ...will shoot 1oz or 7/8oz of 8's as kind of a do everything pretty well shell.
Familarize yourself if you can ahead of time with the specific range rules where you're going, if they have a website ....and the expense you know what you're getting into in terms of expense ( in my area a round of skeet for targets ( 25 birds ) is about $7 ...and a box of shells is about $ 6 figure about $ 13 for every 25 targets.

600 shells is a lot .../ I suspect you might have misunderstood...but who knows...
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