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first time clay bird shooting

Hello everyone, i have a newbie question. I am going clay bird shooting for the first time next month. I have a really cool shotgun that was given to me by my grandfather. Its a 1950's J.C. Higgins 12gauge pump. It has a really cool looking flash/compensator on the end of the barrel that is threaded for choke tubes. I have three choke tubes that came with it. Which choke tube is best to use for clay birds? Should i use a tight group, large group, or shouldnt i use a choke tube at all. The guys im going with spend the whole day shooting clay birds, talking about 500-600 rounds each person. I have no idea what to expect and would really like a few pointers and suggestions so that im atleast somewhat knowledgable and dont look like and ass trying to shoot with these guys...hahaha. thanx in advance for your tips and comments.
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