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There is no reason a retired LEO should have more rights than a citizen. That does not mean I want to take away their rights... I want to increase the ability of the average man to enjoy the same rights. But restrict mine and I'm going to encourage people to restrict yours.
There are plenty of people whose self-approval ratings are consistently above 100% and who think they are "special" compared to...a whole bunch of other people, and for a lot of different reasons.

Personally, I have met some LEO's with the "special" complex and met others who don't have it. My distaste for such people is equal, regardless of their profession.

In this narrow matter, some LEO's and politicians are tell me I don't need things they regard as special to them. Since they have no idea when or where or what danger I may face and need a firearm for, I cannot agree with their ideas.

If they need AR's and big magazines because of the local gangs, then I might, too. The LEO's and pols cannot tell me I don't from any rational basis they can prove. In fact, there is more rational evidence available that says I should be equally armed, if I choose to be.

I ride with Willie on this one. Since the anti's cannot be rational, we have to take other paths.

It wasn't me who said "hit back twice as hard..."
Loyalty to petrified opinions never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world — and never will.
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