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I started out with a Handi-Rifle in 22 hornet, and it worked well... especially once I disabled the auto-eject feature so I wouldn't have to chase the little cases. It was a consistent 1 1/2" rifle at 100yds. I bought a Ruger bolt gun in the gray stainless, laminated stock version, but didn't like being limited by the magazine length. Plus it was a hog of a gun... too heavy to be a walk around plinker.
I traded it off and got a TC Contender Carbine with a 16" hornet barrel, that was probably the most accurate of the hornets I've had. It would consistently group around 3/4" at 100yds with my less-than-benchrest skills, and I got to shoot one group at 200yds with it... 5 shots into about 1 1/4".
I decided I wanted to go to the K-Hornet, so I sold that barrel and got a 21" (less muzzle blast) Bullberry barrel in the K version. It's the one I still have. It is a day in/out 1" shooter at 100yds. The carbine with synthetic handles on it probably weighs a whopping 5 pounds, and is a pure delight to carry around. It is great for turkey hunting (where legal), kills coyotes dead, and is just a stone cold jackrabbit taker.
3100fps with a 40gr bullet over a measly 13gr of powder is pure joy..
I always felt that if I got to the point where I thought it was time to bury my firearms, it was actually time to pick them up..
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