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Doing the loading channel is what scared me into using a smith when all was considered. I might have attempted it if I was doing just one but the thought of trying to do it right TWICE drove me to have it done.

If I were to do Remingtons, I would have gone with the non-gated conversions for sure.

The cost really is hard to justify unless there is a need to reload fast. For me the time spent between stages was too short to be able to pour powder, stuff wad and ball, or filler and ball, plus help With range duties and still jack my jaw with the other shooters. The ideas is to have fun, not get frustrated.

With the conversions I can shoot my beloved Colts, reload quickly and help out and vist with the same ease as the smokeless shooters. It was worth it to me.

If I were shooting at the range or killing mellons in the back yard, I'd let em stay the way they were and just load and shoot.

Good luck, go slow, and take pictures to share.
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