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Hi HKFAN9. Indeed the sharpness of the barrel bushing is the least of my worries. I was just asking if that is normal. My 1911-expert friend looked it over, and just started rattling off a bunch of corners they cut putting it back together. To be honest, all of the other things he brought up slipped my mind, or I didn't know what he was referencing. He said judging by the lack of care for what he has seen, he expects a lack of care on the inside as well. He brought his most low-end beater pistol, a RIA 1911 for comparison, which he purchased for $300, to use as a minimum benchmark. He said the SA did not pass.

My concern is with the damage on the frame, and the groove running down it. SA told me that groove is normal, and happens during assembly and when the barrel moves when fired. Others with this same gun told me that is BS.

Should I let them try to fix this gun one more time? Or has this become unsalvageable?
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