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^^ I disagree. I don't think that we are targeting the average LEO "per se", but that we believe that pressure is exerted on politicians by other politicians, that Police Chiefs and Sheriffs *are* other politicians, and that they will respond to complaints brought to them by individual officers and their union leaders, and that this will ONLY happen when the line-officer feels the pain.

So... it's a trickle-up effect we are looking for, and the way to do that is to hold everyones feet to the same fire. So, sad to say... you're gonna feel the pain. Part of that pain is feeling it here in the forums. Like the man said: "Nothing personal, it's just business". We are not against the man, we are against special privileges for the few.

There is no reason a retired LEO should have more rights than a citizen. That does not mean I want to take away their rights... I want to increase the ability of the average man to enjoy the same rights. But restrict mine and I'm going to encourage people to restrict yours.


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