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i have to admit that i am surprised by the hostility, vehemence, and ignorance toward LEO's displayed in this thread. No, i am not surprised that some posters feel that way or express those opinions, what i am surprised about is that the moderators encourage it and participate in it themselves. That I have not experienced in any other gun forum that i have participated in.

The overwhelming majority of police officers and firefighters for that matter are strongly patriotic and strongly pro second amendment for everyone. I personally in the last few months have made numerous phone calls, written numerous letters and emails to my federal and state representatives opposing any negative changes in gun laws for anyone. I have also contributed to a lawsuit here in New York to overturn the SAFE Act for all.

I support national reciprocity but after reading these comments perhaps I should just dedicate my time, effort and money into improving LEOSA for myself and other active and retired LEO's.

At a time when unity is vital, threads like this play right into the anti's aim of dividing and conquering. I think that the moderators of this forum have done a diservice and harm to the pro second amendment community with their behavior in this thread.
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