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Just throwing out my opinion:

I carry a Ruger LC9. Has a safety. Has a heavy and looong trigger pull. Hammer-fired, so that is pretty darned safe.

It's the perfect gun to carry, if you are worried about pulling the trigger accidentally. I am confident I could throw the thing against a wall 10 times and it would never go off accidentally on the first round, due to the hammer.

If you are against safeties, then look into a Kel-Tec P11. That thing has a very freaking heavy and loooong trigger pull.

I got the LC9, despite my dislike for the trigger, because most SD shootings happen at close range. I'm not a great target shooter with the LC9 by any means, but within 7 to 10 feet -- no problem.

The LC9 is a VERY safe gun to carry, and still packs punch!

BTW... carry a flat-nose, or FMJ in your .380 to make sure you get the penetration you need.

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