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"The 'premium' loads (Federal, Hornady, Speer) offer hard lead plated pellets, generous amounts of grex, and a thick-walled shot cup with a good bit of room inside. This shot cup, known as a FliteControl wad, tends to hold pellets together until the whole cup exits from the muzzle, at which time the wad is retarded and the pattern continues downrange with pellets in close proximity. These loads tend to produce the tightest possible patterns from open choked shotguns." Lee Lapin


Hornady does not use any buffer, aka Grex, in its line of Buckshot, Varmit or Turkey shotshells.
From: Hornady Manufacturing, Inc
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2013 8:39 PM
To: tech
Subject: "Technical Inquiries"

We make no reference to the buffering because we do not use any in our factory turkey, buck, and coyote loads. We appreciate your inquiry and your business.
Thank you


Hornady then, depends entirely on the VersaTite (same as Flite-Control) wad, hard - high antimony content pellets and in their Heavy Magnum Coyote and Turkey series, the addition of nickle plated pellets to deliver tight patterns.


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