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Build me accubond type of hollowpoint that penetrates like a partition but works with a bunch of different powders in .22, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, .30 338 and 35, and 44 caliber, that is cheaper than blemms from Sierra or Speer.
Well, federal/speer brought out the "fusion" bullet in almost all of the above calibers, BUT they weren't available as components. Now, they have introduced the same concept called the deep curl bullet. Both are plated bullets, and ARE bonded!

The fusion, as factory loaded ammo, was overlooked because it didn't cost enough! How could it be a premium bullet at that price?

I got some of the deep curl in 30 cal, 165 grain, loaded them in 30-06, for my 03-A3 springfield. I then shot them into the test medium from the-bullet-test-tube. It performed just like an accu-bond, or Hornady interbond.

The reason more specialty bullets are NOT made is the cost of setting up and doing business. FFL type 06 is required, local and state regulations, tax collection, and the big one, insurance! Cost of core lead, and jackets, AND the expensive shipping is another hurdle.

It CAN be done, but you would be turning a hobby into WORK!. If I HAD to quit hammering keys on this puter, go back and make ammo or bullets to fill an order, I'd hate it real quick!

As far as the "silver tip", it never had any silver on/in it. The tip was aluminum. It being harder resisted deformation, and helped initiate expansion when it hit. A protected point bullet.
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