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Hunting wildlife at night with a light.
Answer ID 2025 | Published 02/07/2006 12:57 PM | Updated 02/04/2013 05:52 PM
Do I need a permit to hunt coyotes or other nuisance wildlife on my farm at night with a light? If so, what permit is needed and where do I get one?

Taking wildlife with gun is prohibited during non-daylight hours, except as authorized below.

A Gun and Light at Night Permit is required to use a gun and a light at night to remove nuisance beaver, bobcat, fox, possum, rabbit, raccoon, or skunk causing destruction of crops and/or livestock.

The Gun and Light at Night Permit does NOT authorize removal of any species other than those listed above. To learn more about the permit or to apply go to:

On private lands, the permit is not required to take wild hog, coyote, armadillo, black or Norway rat, and house mouse, with a gun and light during non-daylight hours.

For information about controlling deer causing damage to agricultural crops, visit

For more information about other laws relating to destructive wildlife go to: For other methods of removing nuisance wildlife, including coyotes, go to
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