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Biggest improvement you can make is to get a Kidd trigger group. You can order either a single stage (hunting) or double stage (target shooting) with trigger pull set to your preference.

Check out their barrels too, especially since they usually have a combination barrel-trigger group deal. The 20 inch match barrel is my favorite.

I built two Ruger based conversions with Butler Creek and Green Mountain barrels, and Volquartsen trigger groups when I started tuning my 10-22s.
The conversions shot great and I was pleased until I eventually tried the Kidd parts. They are extremely well machined and are worth the money.

Then I added a Kidd barrel and trigger group and the accuracy got even better.

I eventually got a Kidd receiver and the rest of the Kidd parts and built an all Kidd rifle and never looked back.

The Kidd outshoots either of the 10/22 conversion that I did and until I built the Kidd, I thought they were world beaters. Now they are awaiting conversion to full Kidd versions.
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