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So what I'm thinking about doing with the LCP is carrying it... prepare yourselves... unchambered! Here's my justification. First, I figure that carrying ANY type of gun is a drastic improvement in preparedness over nothing. Having one that I am 100% comfortable carrying means I'll be carrying a lot more. Second, I am rarely in a place where I feel I need fast-draw instant-access, like being jumped. Instead, I have been places where it looked like something weird might be going down, and it was nice to have a gun as a last-ditch backup plan. The difference getting a shot off in two seconds instead of one second hasn't seemed to enter into the equation. Third, the chances of being shot or otherwise injured so I couldn't rack the slide with my free hand seem extremely remote.
So far, I've had two instances when I had time to rack the slide. One was a guy coming through the door. The other, wife was being attacked by a large dog and I had to grab the gun and run 60-70 feet to the altercation. I honestly don't know if I would have been able to rack one in without issues while running as fast as I could go.

There have been several other instances that I would have had NO time to rack the slide. Each was recognize the issue, draw and point instantly, and shoot. I only had to fire once, the other times, the perp froze and spun in the same instant. I cannot begin to explain how fast things can change from serene to terror and stress. 1 second? 2? Not sure. Some of it seems like slo-mo, but it isn't.
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