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1st 10/22 build recommendations!

Hi, first post here and what a great forum so happy to have found it.

I have a plain black /stainless 10/22 carbine that I'm bored with. I've been researching a bit and would like to change out the barrel and stock. I will be using this gun for fun plinking and the occasional small varmint hunt in the woods.
I think I'm set on a 18" stainless fluted green mountain .920 barrel, but need help with stock.
I want a stock I don't have to worry about staying perfect. Here's the 2 I'm contemplating:
Hogue overmold
Boyds tacticool
The hogue has a forgiving rubber finish while the boyds can be refinished if scratches as its laminate and comes raw. I'm planning on buying a bipod off this week and upswing my bushnell 4-12x40 off my new savage combo gun ( if its not to big a d ugly for the 10/22).
I'm not looking for a backpack gun but don't want it so heavy it's no fun on the occasional squirrel hunt so maybe I'm in the wrong category.
Anyone have any experience with both of these stocks.
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