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Weatherby's comments on floated and pressured barrels is a bit the other side of ridiculous. Unless they do a poor job of getting their lighter weight barreled actions' receivers bedded correctly in the stock.

I used to shoot matches with the rifle stock maker that designed Weatherby's first series of stocks; a top ranked high power match rifle shooter in his own right. I remember him telling me it was suggested to Roy Weatherby that all their stocks have their fore end's barrel channel large enough to totally free float the barrel for best accuracy. But Mr. Weatherby said no way.

He left Weatherby and started his own business making both match and hunting stocks for folks. They were popular for those wanting the best of both usability and accuracy from their rifles. They all had barrels free floating in them.

Weatherby's not the only company in the firearms industry to make bogus claims. Winchester's claim that fluting a barrel makes it stiffer is another one.
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