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I've only tried .22lr through both. I just got some .22 short, so I'll be trying a tube full in the lever action 39a, and maybe in the model 60.

I know the model 39a is just a dream to shoot [for me]. The model 60 required some work [bought used] on the lifter, but now feeds reliably.

It IS nice to be able to legally shoot 18 times before reloading. And, with the Spee-D-Loader, I can reload the tube in about 10 seconds. Think a speed-loader [a la revolvers] but for tube fed rifles.

I won't get a chance to try the new ammo out for at least 1 week, and probably 2, so I can't give any reports right now.

Other than to note that shooting anything shorter than a .22lr is going to mean a LOT more scrubbing in the chamber to remove powder ring build up: just like .38special in a .357mag.

Fun rifles though. I am not much of a hunter and I DO like my centerfire rifles, but I have to admit I'd pick my 39a as my only rifle if I were only allowed to have one, and recreational shooting [not self defense] were my only consideration.

I think a .22lr rifle, a 12 gauge shotgun and a centerfire rifle of at least a .357mag stopping power [and preferably 30-30 or more] covers the majority of my needs, but don't tell my wife that, or I'll have to sell half of my rifle!
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