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OP here.

I picked up the LCP from my FFL today. It is a sweet gun, and I whipped together a quick hybrid holster for it. It is obvious this gun isn't going to spontaneously go off in this rigid holster. I'm wearing it around the house to get comfortable with it. It feels like a cell phone compared to that S&W CS9.

Interestingly, the FFL had a S&W Bodyguard 380 he had just gotten in, too. I find that a lot of guns that I think look ugly in pictures look a lot better in person. This one didn't look half bad, felt nice, was well made, and although I'm old-school and tend to eschew lasers, the laser was cool, too. It was a bit heavier and bigger than the LCP, and the safety was clumsy.

The FFL, who is this great old guy working out of his house, told me he bought 6 LCPs to give to family members as Christmas gifts (nice!). But then he said he was shocked when he learned they didn't have safeties! Man, I was just starting to come around to accepting the no-safety thing, and this guy brings it up as a major issue for him!

I am really interested in getting so I am automatically comfortable operating all my autos. I got that way with revolvers, but my revolvers were all consistent in their controls.

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