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The USMC has always been my bestest mostest funnest guys to train. They show up to training with a great attitude. Unlike SOOMMMEEE people in the room whos name I wont mention who show up with a diva attitude and find time to visit us little people and grace our course with their presence :-)

I just wish the whole sims thing wasnt so damn expensive.

I I go back to my point - these simulators / sims / paintball will only take you so far and should be used ONLY with a competent instructor that will not allow bad habits to creep into the training. IE standing "the line" and shooting or (my favorite bitch with the paintguns) allowing it to become a game.

again in a gunfight cover is your friend - a lot of difference between cover and concealment and paintball and sims has a tendency to blur the line - plywood is concealment and going for a sheet of plywood and reloading behind it may not be your best option.

If any of these simulators could work shooting and moving into the system i would have a higher opinion of them. On the video I didnt care for the shot of a tactical team going in bunched up looking like the charlie angels graphic.

but I dont know what the technique being taught was so ill shut up on that one.

but that does remind me of a jarhead joke - Marines are like Bananas they are yellow and die in bunches.

Stay Safe Marine
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