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WFT Case Trimmer and Lee Sizing Die for .223...

Hey Everyone,
I'm slowly putting together my reloading setup and recently purchased a WFT case trimmer for my 223 brass. So, I had to try this thing out right away.... I have a Dillon 1050 and .223 Lee dies. Yeah, I wanted Dillon dies but didn't want to wait for the long backorder.

So, I used the full resize die and resized a few cases. The problem is, the cases are damn tight in the WFT. You really have to pull hard to get these suckers out.

I first blamed the WFT but then I decided to check an unfired 223 in the trimmer and it slips in and out just fine. Now, I have the Lee die set in the 1050 as described in the instructions... Bottomed out on the indexing plate and then backed off a quarter turn.

So,,, Am I doing something wrong? Do Lee dies suck? Do lee dies not work in the 1050? A little advice would be great as I'm a total newb at reloading.
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