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The Florida wildlife agency has a website. Pretty thorough for the rules and regulations.

When using a light, don't shine directly on the coyote. Just pick up his eyes with the edge of the beam. Also, don't steadily shine it at him. Call for a bit, look around briefly and if no eyes, kill the light. Repeat.

Coyotes first come to the sound, then generally make some sort of circle to do the final approach from downwind. So, figure your setup so he isn't likely to come in from downwind of YOU. As at the edge of fairly thick brush, with the wind from the side. Make him stay out more in the open.

I've used a Q-Beam with a red lens cover, as well as a 20,000 CP Streamlight. Just have to be judicious about how they're used.

Bait? Either save leftover meat and fish scraps in your freezer until you're ready to play, or take a garbage can and liner to some local cafe and get a load to put out in the pasture. Coyotes will eat about anything except orange and onion peel, that sort of thing.
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