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I think I'm going to, I was going to put a set of fire sights on it...but it's getting difficult to get screws to mount them. I'm thinking about a low power 30mm with a reticle like a German #1 or circle dot.


Thanks for the tip sir. This is only the second inline I've ever had (or shot) in my life, and my first muzzle loader with a barrel less than 24". I was just looking at 30gr pellets this morning. I've never used pellets either Always loose powder, mostly pyrodex, but I did just picked up a jug of the new BLACK MZ by Alliant to try in my other Muzzys. So this is all going to be new to me....with a lot of testing and trials.....ya know the best part I'll be taking both regular pyrodex 50/50 and 30/50s as well as 777 pellets. (when the sighting thing is sorted out that is)

I'll post better pics of it tomorrow

Thanks everyone for the comments....I'm happy ya'll liked my little work bench project!
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