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B.C. of SilverTips

That is fascinating. What would be the difference in the BC of a silvertip as opposed to a standard factory round of the same weight?
Comparable. 270 Winchester 130 grain SilverTips are fairly sharp pointed and they don't flatten their tips in the magazine during recoil. 30-30 SilverTips, on the other hand, have flat points. I think ballistic co-efficience is over emphasized these days. Out to 200 yards there is little difference in trajectory between, say, 180 grain round nose vs the same weight spitzer-boat-tail in the ubiquitous 30-'06 of whatever. The original purpose of spitzers bullets is to greatly extend the effective range of machine guns. For normal hunting distances within the range of what 95% of game is actually taken their is no need for super high B.C. bullets other than to maintain customer loyalty from those who believe it matters. Sales often have a lot more to do with perceived need than actual need. Silvertips may be discontinued because they may cost more to produce than the Power-Point and they do essentially the same job. But the belief that the SilverTip is better, especially for bears, moose, elk etc., induces sales of SilverTips. Everyone except for the ignorant knows that Pepsi tastes better than Coke; but when Coke changed their recipe it made a big uproar. What? No SilverTips? That ain't right! Gotta have SilverTips.
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