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Just wrote my representative Mr. Ron DeSantis

Message Subject: Please do not give an inch
Message Text:
Hello Mr. DeSantis, I am writing you today on the very much talked about topic of gun control. As a young person who will be able to vote for the first time next year, this is the first time I have ever attempted to directly contact a representative of mine. I know you get a lot of e-mails so I would like to cut to the chase. I do not believe that any part of any firearms ban is effective or constitutional. Simply put, to ban any kind of firearm (including those that have been banned up to this point) is infringing on rights. It can be argued that it does not mean we can not own a gun, but by simply limiting what we can own, I believe this constitutes an infringement. I believe today, if the founding fathers were around, the would be surprised at the number of people willing to to give up the rights they secured for us to help us avoid the very fights many people dedicated their lives to. It is not about what is necessary for hunting or even self-defense. We have the right to arm ourselves in the attack of a tyrannical government, civil insurrection, or invasion of a foreign entity. I would like to note that these weapons that "have no place on our streets" have been used to great effect to protect personal property from looting in cases of riots and natural disasters. I also feel it is worth nothing that of NFA registered automatic weapons, there are only 3 cases since the enactment of that law where one was used in a crime. I myself am in support of an AR-15. I believe every American who wants one should have one. I don't know why this particular weapon is so demonized, other than the fact that it is popular. Its use in mass crimes is not due to any unique abilities that aren't present in other weapons. It is simply iconic, available, and produced by more companies than almost any other rifle design. It is today's musket over the mantle. I desire to use one of these firearms for marksmanship and sporting purposes. The .223 round is a light round and not terribly effective against flesh targets -- to the point that in many states you cannot hunt with it as it is not considered powerful enough for a humane kill. I desire one of these rifles because it is modular, able to be used (in my case) for everything from long range marksmanship to 3 gun NRA shooting competitions. If I ever had to defend myself with one, I would not hesitate and I would hope my last thoughts before dying would not be "If only those 10 rounds hadn't gone so fast, this might not have happened." One last thing I would want you to think on: law enforcement officers are there to respond to criminals. The same criminals that we may be faced with in our daily lives. What does it tell us when law enforcement officers dealing with the same criminals that threaten us want to carry an AR-15 with a standard capacity magazine and a handgun holding 15 or 17? Certainly they deal with it on a daily basis and if they (rightfully) feel the need to use these for defense against the very criminals that might endanger us, perhaps we should consider that in fact it can be necessary (to say nothing of the constitutional right to do so). Thank you for your time, Mr. DeSantis, and as our representative I truly hope that you will not give one inch of our rights when it comes time to vote. Dakota Potts

I guess the e-mailer I used on his website destroyed my line breaks.
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