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Coyote Threat!!

Hello everyone, I have a situation and need some advice, tips, and suggestions. My neighbor has a whole bunch of horses and puppies on her property inside her fence, and the guy who lives next to her set up night vision cameras and spotted coyotes near her fence. I just talked to her today and I said I would "take care" of them for her. This is for pest control, not for sport.
They have been eyeing her horses and puppies supposably and are a very potential threat. The fence is easy to dig under, because one of her small dogs dug under and got on to my property. I had to put a cinder block there so the dog wouldn't come back under. I want to take care of the coyotes just so they don't pose a threat to my three dogs or cats, and my neighbors horses.

Any suggestions on how to attract them so I can shoot them? Maybe throw meat out? Shoot them with a 12 Gauge? Throw out some suggestions for me, thanks!!!!
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