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Buck, you are right, we have had totally different experences with the breed. I bred GHPs for a number of years strictly for hunting behind the foot hunter. I have had 4 heavy boned dark males and when bred to larger heave boned bitches the pups were great hunters for the walking hunter. Tried several very expensive bitches from field trial stock ( as identified on their pedigree) all were smaller and lighter in bone. The pups were also excellent hunters but needed to run them a mile or two before hunting as they would bump a bunch of birds until they got their heads into it. Even then you really had to get moving to get a shot in range before the bird snuck off. As for your comments about show stock being the smaller lighter GSPs, I also had Flat Coated retrivers which I hunted and showed. GSPs were a large group and they came in all shapes and sizes. I recommend to someone looking for a hunting companion and house pet to check around and look at breeded who specilizes in GSPs for the hunter who plans on hunting on foot and stay away from the field trial breaders unless you want a high energy dog.
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