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Willie Sutton is absolutely correct. I too applied for a NJ carry permit and was also rejected for lack of justifiable need. When I applied they automatically assumed I was an armored car driver; there was also another guy there handing in papers who was an armored car driver and IIRC they pretty much told him his stuff was all in order. When I told the guy I wasn't he had a very puzzled look on his face and took it back to show some other guy who said I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting it.
It's quite clear the overwhelming majority of these 94% who get it are in fact armored car and other security personnel. If I were Gura, I'd follow up and point this out along with the fact the permits that were granted are restricted only to work. I'd like NJ to answer with how many permits are unrestricted (personal defense). They'll probably say they can't find the information.
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