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Is There an Unmet Need in the World of Bullets?

Originally Posted by Magnum Wheel Man View Post

I know what you are after...

a buddy of mine has been swaging light weight 6mm soft points into shorter pointed bullets for a couple odd calibers 256 Winchester Magnum, & he has a wildcat that he almost perfectly duplicated a 25 Blackout, that he's using these shorter bullets for...

I'm sure mainstream would be tough, but I'll be looking for a bullet like my buddy makes for my new "257 Special" revolver... that bullet would also perhaps work well for varmints in 257 Roberts or 25-06 or ???

maybe finding prolific shooting wildcatters would be easier than finding something mainstream, that hasn't been covered yet ???
I don't need mainstream, I need exactly what you're talking about.... all the demand I'd need is couple thousand bullets a week, provided guys don't think they're going to buy them for 20 cents.
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