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If you're not shooting F-Class...may I suggest investing in a good pedestal rest --- like a Hart or a Sinclair; with some rear bags to boot.

Some book reading from David Tubb...on wind doping, might be in order.

Get yourself a set of wind flags. Get 3 foot long fiberglass poles from a hardware store...used for mapping driveway locations in the snow. Tie a 6" long string to the pole, and tie some plastic "Caution" or surveyors flagging to the other end. Sinclair...makes some higher class wind flags.

Five wind recommended for 100 yards. Shoot while the wind flags are all pointed in the same direction. A wind lull...signifies a wind direction change is possibly coming --- which is a bad time to shoot. It is best to shoot on a wind build-up. Time the wind waves...with each lasting about 5 to 7 minutes.
Shoot...while at the same wind speed and direction, for every shot.

If you're shooting offhand, on windy days, you'll have to hold the firearm with a firmer/tighter grip.

For more fun on windy days...get an 8 foot long bamboo pole, stick one end in the ground --- tie about 3 or 4 foot of caution flagging, with an inflated party balloon tied at the other end --- and have at it.



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