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If you read the letter from the State Police, all he means to say is that these statistics do not include retired police officers, who also need to obtain a permit in NJ. The "ordinary" excluded them, not othern categories of armed-professionals. As`was mooted before, most of those are armed guards driving cash trucks.

Read the letter carefully and you will see what is intended by the word "ordinary". It's not the same use that you or I would use.

The process that involves the local PD is if they will recommend for or against issuance, before they forward the application to the court. Even if they recommend against it, the application is still forwarded to the court for it's action. The Judge can issue one even if the local PD recommends against it, but it's unlikely. The NJSP merely act as a repositiory for the information, not as a grantor of permissions. The only person you really need to convince is the judge.


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