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I was at Gander Mountain yesterday and the employees strongly hinted that I should be there at open this morning if I wanted ammo. I arrived 45 minutes after opening to find they had wheeled out three stainless steel shelving units full of ammo...I was so happy! They had a 10-box limit total, 2 of which could be bulk buys. I was able to buy 2 350 round boxes of 9mm Blazer Brass and 8 50 round boxes of the same for a total of 1,100 rounds of 9mm. I bought a Glock 17 in December and haven't had a chance to fire it yet because all the stores in my area have been sold out or way, way overpriced.

The Blazer Brass was selling for $14.99 / 50 or $99.99 / 350, which works out to around $0.29 per round, on average. This being my first time buying 9mm, it seemed a reasonable price.

Considering most local gun shops in my area have been selling 50 rounds of low-end 9mm for $25+, Gander Mountain selling at or near MSRP made me a lot more inclined to give them my future business, especially when the craziness dies down...

I should have taken a picture...they had stacks and stacks of the 350 round bulk boxes of 9mm, and that was after 45 minutes of steady buying.

The one caliber that was completely sold out when I got there...22LR. They must have had a lot, as there were stacks of opened, empty retail display boxes for the 22LR. Strange days.
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