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Gel test: 12 ga birdshot wax slug

Let's try to keep this one on topic, shall we?. ;^)

Let me go ahead and get this out of the way to begin with:

I'm not advocating the use of bird shot for defense, even as a wax slug. Bird shot is for little birdies.

Shooting stuff is fun and talking about shooting stuff is fun. If you don't like talking about shooting stuff, you might think about joining a crocheting forum.

This gelatin was out of calibration, but not by a lot. More importantly, it was on the high side, meaning that the penetration seen here is actually MORE than what you would see in properly calibrated gelatin. Probably not a lot more, though.

I plan to repeat the test with a buck shot wax slug.

This is a test of a 12 ga wax slug made from a S&B heavy game load.

Link to video
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