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It's got to be obvious I'm new to forums, etc. Jim, we're on sub-forum: Law and Civil Rights, page 1 of 85. I just meant I had posted earlier and it is now on page 3 of 85. I'm not comfortable yet with the lingo, etc.

As to the removing my pistol for the bank, I could be wrong but I think they have the international symbol decal for "no weapons" (pistol crossed out) on the entry door. I know of a few restaurants and my dentist having the decal. Maybe the owner has the right to choose? Anytime I see the sign I oblige. Hope that's not a new can of worms, lol. I've never carried an extra mag because I carried a G17 (plenty) but now I'm carrying a G27 and might. I think there's some good conversation going on here, enjoyable and thanks to all.
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