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Posted by Daekar: Surely you can't argue that being comfortable with your gun and setup are bad?
No, quite the contrary. But feeling comfortable will not prove sufficient to save your life.

....I don't think anybody would argue that carrying chamber-empty is accepting a slightly-less complete state of preparedness in terms of risk management.
I think that that is understating it significantly.

First, consider that the attacker may will be charging at a speed of more than four and a half meters per second, and that by the time one has drawn his or her firearm, said attacker may well already be within bad breath range. Adding in the time it takes to rack the slide would likely allow the attacker to close a very large part of that remaining distance, if not all of it. Of course, one needs not only to fire, but to stop the attacker before being overcome, which may require evasion and perhaps even a thrust with a walking stick.

Second, the added risk of malfunction cited by JohnKSa seems more than "slightly-less", considering the stakes.

Third, the likelihood of being jumped by two or more attackers is not insignificant, and time would really be of the essence.

However, if the alternative is, as I have said, not carrying, then we may consider an individual carrying with an empty chamber at the maximum preparedness level that they are capable of sustaining.
The question is, will it be sufficient?

Quote: empty chamber is far better than nothing.
Only after it is no longer empty.

...I would imagine that a large percentage (not going to make one up) of those who carry CANNOT quickly and thoughtlessly deactivate the manual safety of their carry firearm with one hand.
I do not have a problem with it.
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