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Fine Duplex for sure. A dot of any size might just cover your x or 10 ring. I saw a leupold fine duplex target at my 22 benchrest and it was very nice. In 22 bench rest the X marker is a dot about the size of a period. About any other reticle hides the spot where you're aiming if you're really going for accuracy and you plus your rifle is capable.

It's not much but finer helps you see where your aiming. With the 24x and up, you will notice your breathing moving the rifle around, unless it is heavily bagged and your barely touching the thing.

I have a Mullet, a Leupold and some Bushnell Elites. The Bushnell's are very nice for the price. All of these would work well at 300+. I found the Elite 3200 was a little brighter then the leupolds.

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