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It cracks me up when they say elite military use this system - who and what ranges?
I would hardly consider my MP unit elite but we just trained at the EST 2000 (a similar system designed specifically for the military) range at Ft. Indiantown Gap last month.

whats the difference between this and the FATS system? I had a FATS system in my basement. Its cool for a while - then it gets old and the scenarios get predictable. PLUS it still reinforces the problem with a lot of LE departments.
Not a lot other than the 300 degree option. I agree this is by far not the only training you should have in your regiment.

It reinforces standing out in the open and not taking cover. You get used to playing john wayne and your going to get your ass handed to you. I think you would be better served learning how to shoot and move (torwards cover or an exit) if your not LE or Mil
I agree 100%. As said above in no way should virtual weapons training be the only training you do. It should only be part of a good regiment. I also agree with you that eventually the 200 scenarios would be predictable but going through a few scenarios every couple of months would offer some experiences most shooters don't get at the local range.

Edited to add: Thank you sfmedic, you make some very good points and that is exactly the kind of feedback I am looking for.

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