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Sure. But prevention is the best cure.

If the facts about the registry to the north were better known south of the border, any move toward any kind of a firearms registry would be quashed.

I published my posting here so that readers would see the insanity the gun ban crowd managed to institute up north.

All of the worst features of all the states--except for a total handgun ban--are encapsulated up north.
For example, handgun mags are limited to 10rds, and rifles are limited to 5 rds.
Handguns with barrels shorter than 4.1" are prohibited.
And, not only are background checks intensive, but one's spouse, significant other and past significant others--back a number of years--must give written permission for the applicant to get a PAL.

All this came in when a cabal of civilian-disarmament fanatics gained control of the agenda after a college massacre in Montreal. The Liberal government in power was reluctant to pass the legislation outlined above, but a couple of zealots rammed it through. These zealots, Alan Rock in particular, were egged on by Wendy Cukier.

You may recognize Wendy's name because she was number two at IANSA, the international gun ban org aligned with the UN. Her boss, Rebecca Peters, is the Australian who put in their crippling gun control laws.

If you search the CVs of these people, the name "Soros" crops up, along with the Canadian billionaire civilian disarmament fan Maurice Strong--big at the UN--who happens, the last I heard, to live in Communist China.

More recently, the left-wing Mayor of Toronto, with an economics degree from Harvard, (Gee, didn't BHO go there?) closed shooting ranges on city property---two with safe records going back more than eight decades, and made firearms discharges except from police and military illegal with the city. After almost losing the lucrative TV and movie industry, he had to make an exception--exactly as Cuomo must do in NYS now. Even more recently, a left-wing city councilor wanted to ban...bullets.
I'm telling you, this civilian disarmament movement is international.

Personally, I think all these people have each other on speed dial. The RCMP list of banned long guns has been taken off their site, so we can't compare that list with Feinstein's list, but I have a suspicion.

Again, take a look at what happened up north so that you can plan tactics down here.
“One cannot legislate the maniacs off the street... these maniacs can only be shut down by an armed citizenry. Indeed bad things can happen in nations where the citizenry is armed, but not as bad as those which seem to be threatening our disarmed citizenry in this country at this time.” Jeff Cooper
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