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Sig P239 DAK.
Sig 225 (P6) Out of production, but fairly easy to find
Kahr K9.
Kahr T9

7-8 shots in a gun you can hold onto and control beats 15 rounds that you can't get your hand around. Also, if your hands are that small and or weak, you really need to think about if you can hold onto that gun if someone tries to disarm you. Skinny single stack grip frame will give you alot more purchase than a Glock.

Buy a couple of these and use them. I used them all the time when I shot competition. They are awesome. You will look like Popeye in a few weeks.

For home, get a two foot piece of PVC pipe. Drill a hole in it. Hold it out at chin height and measure how far it is from the ground. Cut a piece of P cord, or other strong line and thread it through the hole. Tie a 2 1/2 pund weight...or 5 the other end. With your arms straight out in front of you, roll up the string by using the PVC pipe. Reverse, and lower the weight. No freewheeling it down. Do that to failure a few times every other day. Your hands, forearms and wrists will develop very quickly. You can't make your hands bigger, but, you can certainly make them stronger.

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