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"Before anyone spends too much on champagne, consider a couple of things:

1) I have not been successful in obtaining a copy of anything issued by the NY Sup. Ct. in this case, but my understand is that what was issued is a "Show Cause" order. While it has been a while since I practiced in the NY state courts, my recollection is that a "Show Cause" order is essentially a hearing scheduling notice, signifying nothing about the merits or the Court's inclination for a ruling. Nor do I believe that issuance of a "Show Cause" order has any effect on the burdens of production and persuasion.

2) Again from a distance, my understanding is that a substantial issue exists under the New York state constitution about the procedures used to enact the Cuomo laws; could this be the "constitutional" issues at stake (versus anything under the 2nd Amendment to the federal constitution)?"
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