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Does the U.S. Federal Government have hundreds of billions of dollars to set up a gun registry?
The answer is so obvious that I won't even bother.

My hunch is that if a serious nationwide registry proposal actually comes to the table, it will come in a form similar to the PPACA- states will be offered incentives to set up their own registries, while states without registries will have the registry set up by the Feds, with some sort of financial penalty such as the withdrawal of some DOT funds.

The clever thing about my zero-funding amendment idea is that it would undermine such a proposal before it even comes to the table. With the possible exception of House representatives from zealously anti-2A districts, no sane senator or representative from a zero-fund state will back such a proposal, because doing so would be a de facto vote to forgo the incentive funds. No elected official wants to face reelection while having to explain why he/she voted to forgo funding that other comparable states or districts get automatically.

IOW it would force the Feds to operate much of the registry themselves, thus forcing them to take full responsibility for the cost and the inevitable problems such as privacy breaches.
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