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G2/Contender vs Encore

I agree with Damon - The Encore is the way to go. I bought my Contender used, on the cheap, and then added a few barrels.

Hey Damon555 - how much does that Encore weigh? It has to be 8+ with that long barrel. And I would also guess that the bolt gun next to it is only a 22" barrel.

The Encore is a stronger frame and can handle the higher powered chamberings. And if you don't like the 26" barrels from TC there are tons of other choices out there in the $300-$400 range ( and others). Your basically getting a whole new gun/cartridge for around $350. If your Encore frame has a decent trigger and stock then it just moves to the other caliber. Nothing to relearn except maybe adjusting to a different recoil experience.

And if your thumper barrel is equipped with a muzzle brake then that isn't a problem either. I have a 7-30 Waters in 14", had eabco put on a howitzer brake and it shoots like a dream! Sub MOA with my reloads and much less muzzle flip then without the brake.

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