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The HS Precision bedding blocks are extruded, and not very precise in my opinion. It does not surprise me that your trigger doesn't appear centered.

The trouble is that the receiver will find a nominal center in the vertex of the V-shaped bedding block, but this has little to do with the direction the barrel, barrel channel, and most of the rest of the gun are pointing.

Most of your $200 stocks with bedding blocks exhibit this trait to some degree. You just got extra unlucky with the fit.

Personally, I don't view any separately-purchased stock with a bedding block to be 100% ready to go "out of the box" without some type of fitting or customization.

If I really had my druthers I'd avoid buying a pre-bedded stock at all, instead opting for a less expensive gunsmith-fit stock and spend the difference on professional hand fitting.
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