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@Brian Pflueger: Yes, I mean a copper jacketed lead rifle bullet with no exposed lead. Hornady used to make an 80 grain FMJ in .243, but that is now discontinued. It seems to me that if I want an FMJ in .243, .257, .264, or .284, my options are pretty limited. At least I am not aware of any such offerings from hornady, speer, or sierra. Perhaps, I'm wrong. I don't always keep up with the latest gear.
I have a partial box of .243" 90gr Sierra FMJ. Are those discontinued as well?

What you are asking for does exist. Most every cartridge(especially .338 lapua) you can find a large variety of rounds for reloading. After that it is just a matter of availability and price. It comes down to what kind of load out you want, after that all you need to do is shop around.
He's asking for something that DOES NOT EXIST YET. Any ideas?
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