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I'm just going based on what I've read, and have seen no Holtz thread before this. I'm no law student unfortunately.

"Armchair Command'oh says:
February 27, 2013 at 22:42

Sorry to break it to you, but this is meaningless. An order to show cause is standard fair in New York. Although it sounds like the burden is on the State, it is not. The language is just legalize. Also, an order to show cause is always issued. A victory at this point would have been a TRO pending a hearing on the motion for a preliminary injunction. The lack of a TRO is a bad sign.

Also, not to be an elitist ass, but top notch constitutional lawyers are not based out of Buffallo. These types of cases need to be meticulously planned and litigated. A bad argument that leads to bad precedent must be avoided at all costs.

Attorneys looking to make a name for themselves need to back off and let the 2nd Amendment Foundation take the reigns. They have already shown that they know how to get the job done."

There's more in the comments underneath it too.
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