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Or you could just simply load it
You can't LOAD a bullet that doesn't EXIST. That's the question.

A full metal jacket in diameters other than .224 or .308. Barnes makes some, but they're solid copper and long for the weight.
I assume that you mean a solid, guilded metal bullet? There are tons of "full metal jacket" bullets in virtually every caliber. "Full Metal Jacket" just means no exposed lead, it doesn't mean homogeneous, solid metal.

I have a friend that wants an ultra-lite .338 ballistic tip or frangible bullet to load in his new .338 Lapua. Something like 150gr. The purpose would be to see how much vaporization one could get from a coyote.
THAT is the information I want. Something people WANT that doesn't EXIST or at least not in sufficient, pre-panic quantities.
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