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All scenarios are designed to teach shoot/don’t shoot, rapid target acquisition and decision-making skills.

Think about it, these are good skills for anyone who chooses to carry a weapon for self defense. Not just military and law enforcement. It is a serious responsibility not to be taken lightly. If you choose to carry you have also made the decision to shoot a BG if necessary to protect yourself or others. It's not as easy to do in a real life and death situation as it is to shoot paper targets at the range.

If you ever actually have to shoot someone you will be facing heavy scrutiny and may well have to defend your very freedom. Having the skills and confidence to make the right decision quickly may be the difference between life and death, freedom or imprisonment.

The shock belts are optional and are intended to create real stress and real consequence for hesitation. Shaky fumbling hands could get you killed in a real world situation. Most of us can not honestly say we are truly prepared for a high stress shooting situation. That includes many LEOs and new military recruits.

I know this training is not for everyone, but there is no downside to being prepared to defend yourself confidently and have at least virtual experience.

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