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I like it and thanks for posting.

guns of the old west and finely crafted pieces of wood and steel, that capture and preserve the very essence of our great country's heritage...I would understand.
Personally, I like what you did as I have never had a problem making a distinction between In-Lines and SideLocks. SideLocks touch my heart. I really don't care what folks do with In-Lines but cringe at what others have done to sidelocks, in the past.

The main reasons for cutting the barrel from 24" to 18" was the last 4 or so inches of the barrel were BADLY pitted and no rifling what so ever. It looked like the muzzle of a smooth bore musket that had been buried for a decade cutting it created a near perfect bore with a shiny new crown.
Historically, this has been a common practice especially when we used fiberglass rods without guides. When buying and older M/L, one instinctively looks deep into the bore and forgets to check muzzle and crown. ....

Be Safe !!!
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