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All meat is tied into what it eats. And indeed is going to have that flavor. Most pork and beef products are aged a week or better when purchased in a grocery store. I would say the very minimum amount and animal needs to be aged in a cool place is 3 days. To eat a fresh kill on some game. One can expect tough gamy tasting meat perhaps a slight case of diarrhea if their body system allows for it to happen. Being where I reside. If I take an animal in the late Fall here and its cold. I gut and skin it as quickly as I can. 1/4 it and cover with a tarp. (Never store or age meat in a plastic bag) and let that meat age in the back of my hardly used pick-up box. (Box has a lockable Glass-lite cover.) for 2 weeks in the near freezing cold than thaw, cut, and package. My suggestion. You should pep game meat before eating for it to be enjoyed by all seated at your table. Kids especially.
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