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Some of you no doubt know how an explosively formed projectile works. Fire a copper plate at very high speed and it forms itself into a kinetic projectile.
its not a copper plate by any means.
Newton, the copper plate part is about real EFPs as currently used in Iraq and Afghanistan. They looked to me like a paint can packed with an explosive accelerant and capped with a 3/4" thick plate. I am sure there is enough info online about them if anyone cares to look it up.

I was in working on a computer in 2/2 Stryker's Intel section(S-2), when one of their Strykers was hit by an EFP array. This is a group of EFPs set up in a pattern, say 3x4 and in this case it was disguised as a concrete barrier like the ones sometimes used to divide lanes on a highway. Anyway it was on the on-ramp of an overpass and the explosion blew the Stryker over the side of the on-ramp and it landed upside down on the ground below.

All the guys lived and none suffered serious injury. Pretty amazing stuff.

The guys figured the Stryker was close enough to the EFP array that the projectiles didn't have the distance to form properly and failed to penetrate the armor, but the force still shoved the vehicle off the ramp.
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