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thanks for the reply...

I had a box of Cascade primers that I got with the stuff from my FIL, that I loaded up a couple years ago ( all went bang )... I guess I didn't give Cascade a thought on the CCC headstamps ( the cases look like new... of course they are all at least 80's vintage, & maybe just never got decapped, since they are crimped ??? ) my buddy who is pretty good with that stuff didn't know, thought maybe South American, but then thought those would have been berdin primed, but these cases are boxer primed

as far as the S&W cases, I think I might remember ( that was long ago ) there being some worn out blue & white cardboard S&W cartridge boxes I may have condensed these from back in the 80's when I fill the ammo can in the 1st place...

... S&W 38 special cases with LP primer pockets... that is unusual
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